Sunday Sessions- Not So Naughty Nachos

Recently I have gotten in to the habit of eating ready meals, they are quick and simple however I have noticed it’s started to slowly eat away at my bank balance. In addition I keep saying I am going to eat healthily so why not start on this rather rainy Sunday. I had a little look through my cupboard and found some spices i never use and a lone time of kidney beans. So why not make chilli and nachos!

Now this recipe involves the best type of cooking just throwing things into the pan and tasting the sauce to see if I liked it or not! So I apologise in advance that I haven’t written down measurements next time I will try I promise.

Firstly I cooked my kidney beans though in a pan for about 4 minutes


Whilst the kidney beans are cooking I added half a cup of water, a few clothes of garlic and some beef stock all to a pan. After a few minutes I then added cumin, chilli powder and oregano to taste!


Then once you can smell the aroma of the spices coming through I added half a carton of tomato passata and the kidney beans. Then I left it alone on a low heat for about half an hour.


When I came back I got out my casserole dish and layered the chilli between layers of low far tortillas and threw some cheese on the top and cooked in a hot oven until the cheese was suitably gooey ( low fat cheese of course) I would have a finished picture but it was just too delicious than I forgot!



Of course if you are not a poor student like me you can add some mince in to the mix too!

My Bucket list for 2014 (well the rest of it plus half of 2015)

I thought since my theme recently has been new beginnings I thought I would share with you all my bucket list. Now I know you are suppose to start them at the start of the year if you are doing a yearly bucket list. But I thought why not do a summer to summer bucket list. With University ended it should (hopefully) give me a lot more time to go and do the things I keep saying I am going to do. For now my list is things I want to spend time changing in my routine so that I can begin to gain more clarity in my life. 

1. Say yes more 

I have come to the realization over the past three years I have far too many fears from: flying to rock climbing to wrists (yes you heard) and I have found that it has started to get in the way of far to many things. Plus I am such an over thinker, will it be safe? am I going to die? will I regret it? but like someone famous once said you only regret the things you didn’t try. So I have decided I want to say yes more and take chances to be spontaneous. 

2. Be healthy 

Through out University I have gained a lot of weight through no one’s fault from own I got to complacent saying yes to eating out and a takeaway too many. I have also found myself becoming increasing lazy with only being in University a few hours a week I have found myself constantly watching films in bed, whilst the world outside floats by. Also I seem to have become far too well acquainted with taxi’s. So I want to drink more water, eat healthy (with a few treats, walk more and try and do some vigorous exercise every week. Although I am partial to the fad diet and find I can drop a stone in about 3 weeks it never stays off and I need to kick my bum into a healthy routine. 

3.Become Flexible 

Now this may sound bizarre to the majority of people but I am a cheerleader at heart and still coaching my University team. It’s something I always say I will concentrate on then claim I don’t have enough time (all these films I am watching clearly). So I want to take 20 minutes out of my day to stretch so that hopefully I will be doing the splits in no time. 


Happy 2 year anniversity to my blog!

balloons (Photo not my own sadly)

I woke up this morning to find that according to WordPress I started my blog two years ago. I started my blog originally to give me something to do after just coming out of hospital. After this I started to neglect it once University started again and found it was months between my blog posts. Two years later (present day) I have decided that I want to really take the time to love my blog and make regular posts. Not only because I want an outlet to express my thoughts but because I am at a fork in my life due to graduating University and I want somewhere to track this journey.

But also what’s happened over these last two years and what can I learn from it.

Over the last two years of University I have realised that Psychology really isn’t what I want to do for a career although I like reading about the subject I can’t see at future for me in the field. I decided that I much more interested in business, management and events I am not sure where this will lead me yet but I am so excited to find out and get some more experience.

Also I have learnt that University life isn’t plain sailing like a lot of those cheesy American films. I have met some great friends mainly through my love of Cheerleading and without those girls University would be very lonely. However there is also adjusting to being in a class of a sea of people (250) and also having to live with people that you barely know.

However this has just helped me to be a better person and I can’t wait to move into a new house with people I love. Start on a career path that I am passionate about and I have also found a sport that I want in my life forever.


Depop until you drop

I was doing my weekly scan for new apps (sad I know) when I came across an app called Depop it’s like eBay except everything is buy it now another feature of the app is that you can swap clothes. After browsing for a few hours I realised I was spending far too much money rather than selling my own clothes! There is a mixture of people selling their own clothes to hand made clothes and a lot of vintage finds.

After playing around with the app for a few weeks I find it’s very easy to bargain with people to get a great deal although I have found people will message you asking for clothes for next to nothing. I have also found it’s very easy to build relationships on the app with so they know you are reputable seller making transactions easier there is also an option to add feedback.

In addition there are a lot of people selling brand new clothes for next to nothing so it’s a great way to get a new outfit for a fraction of the high street!

If you can never have to many items of clothes like me give it a go! Don’t forget to search for me @absutt and I will be sure to check your items out or have a look through


Let me know what you think x

Peel to Reveal!- Superdrug Antioxidant Face Mask Review

After months of feeling like a revision gremlin and not really taking notice of my appearance ( we have all been there) I decided I wanted to give my skin a little pick me up! Whenever I’m feeling like this I always head out to Superdrug to pick up a face mask to get rid of all the horrible revision dirt.

This time I noticed a new face mask in honour of Superdrug celebrating their 50th Birthday with the words antioxidant and fruit sorbet in the title I couldn’t resist!

What made it stand out was the simple black and white picture on the front of a woman with flawless skin and at a price of 99p I thought I may as well try it out.

I am always a bit scared of peel off masks as usually they never peel off. I opened the mask and was greeted with a wonderfully fruity smell so I applied it to my face and waited for 10 minutes for it to dry.

To my surprise the mask peeled off very easily and my skin felt so much cleaner and so soft and I could still smell the fruity smell. So if you are in need of a little pick me up I would definitely invest!


I’m back!

So I have been away from blogging for a while and really it’s because I got lazy with it. But now I have finished University I have SO much free time I thought why not blog about whatever’s happening next. See the thing is I don’t know what’s going to happen next and I couldn’t be more excited. My first new goal for myself is to say yes to more things.

There we have it come back to blogging?? YES